North Miami Police Take Part in Autism Training Program

CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) – After a controversial police-involved shooting made nationwide headlines, a new training program at one South Florida agency aims to shed some light on how to handle situations involving people on the autism spectrum.

The cellphone video that was taken in July in North Miami has been seen around the world.

A man with autism was playing with a toy truck, which was mistaken for a gun. That man’s therapist, Charles Kinsey, ended up being shot by North Miami Police.

“If officers can have a better understanding of autism, the chances of something going terribly awry is going to be minimized,” said Coral Gables Police Lt. Bart Barta.

Barta has trained over 2,000 police officers on how to deal with people on the autism spectrum. He said he cannot comment on what happened in North Miami, but said he will be training officers there.

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