Wearable Devices Help People with Autism Manage Anxiety

For many, using wearable technology like an Apple Watch or a Fitbit is a little luxury which provides extra convenience when doing exercise or daily tasks.

 But that’s only scraping the surface of what wearable devices have the potential to achieve, and researchers and scientists are using technology for projects from harnessing big data to help diagnose and treat disease to using smartphones and Bluetooth beacons to transform travel for the blind.One research project involves researchers at Lancaster University working in partnership with the charity Autism Initiatives UK to build connected devices to help people living with autism, a developmental condition that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others. People living with autism can be susceptible to extreme anxiety and social awkwardness.

Today autism is generally diagnosed in childhood, but the condition wasn’t so well understood in the past, and as a result, adults on the autism spectrum have often lacked support — especially those with high-functioning autism who hadn’t been recognised as living with the condition until recently. It’s these people Lancaster University’s wearable device-based Clasp project looks to help.

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